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Plastic Fantastic

Pantomime theater of comedy Mimirichi is back with their new show "Plastic Fantastic". It's a fun and thrilling performance, narrated through the universal language of mime, plasticity and gesture.

Plastic, a material originally created for convenience, now poses a significant problem for the ecology of our planet. It's on the verge of taking over everything, turning the environment into a vast plastic desert. This is where the story of the "Plastic Fantastic" show unfolds. It seems that all that's left are old cellophane bags, empty plastic containers and giant plastic sacks. However, a group of clowns brings these seemingly useless objects to life in a humorous and captivating manner. Suddenly, these objects become materials for creativity.

Regardless of age and overcoming language and cultural barriers, the audience is drawn into the theatrical performance. The climax of the show is the interaction between the artists and the audience, playing volleyball with giant inflatable balls while colorful flowers bloom on stage. Mimirichi delivers excitement and sense of magic to their audience around the world.

Each "Plastic Fantastic" performance uses a lot of plastic and cellophane, which smiling spectators often take home as souvenirs at the end of the show. The remaining plastic is properly recycled.

🎉 Kids, bring your mum, dad and grandparents! Come along as a family!

*Children under 4 years old, not occupying a seat - free of charge

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Where does the event happen? 2 Skolas street, Riga

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